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After downing Lurker, Halazzi and Leotheras in the weekend, we got ourselves a new victim, Fanthom-Lord Karathress.
After our extremely fast Leotheras kill, we had a few attempts on the Fanthom lord already, but it was abit to late to completely learn the encounter for us, so today, he was bound to go down.


Invictus is steaming on! After downing 2 new bosses in the same day, we downed another new boss for us the day after, Leotheras The Blind is no more, it took us just 2 tries to bring him down! Pwned /cheer


After downing The Lurker Below, a few of us went to Zul'Aman for a late night walk. The walk ended at the quarters of the Lynx Avatar,  Halazzi.
This was the second time we stood against the Lynx Avatar, and this time Invictus won the showdown. Another boss added to our kill list.

Our second night in SSC gave us a descent shot at The Lurker Below. Once we got the tactics down, the placing of people and adds, we could survive the different phases. Our last attempt, with 24 people went nearly perfect and The Lurker Below now sleeps with the fishes.  Invictus is plowing on towards Kael'thas and Lady Vashj.

High astromancer Solarian is the perfect example of what Invictus can do, if we show abit of determination.
After one shotting Void Reaver we went for Solarian without knowing anything about the fight. She was bound to bow to us... It took us just 3 tries to down this brand new boss. Cheers all for pushing on, showing Tempest Keep what we are made of!
After our first raid evening to The Eye, we felt that we could down Void Reaver, if people could just learn to dodge the orbs. This proved more hard then it looked for us in the first few attempts. Ofcourse non of us noticed that Void Reaver had been fixed, so that you can recieve a warning of incoming orbs again. So no one downloaded an updated bossmod. We went for him the hard way then, without realising it.
On our 5th try that evening we downed the Void Reaver with 2minutes on the timer to spare. A perfect attempt for us. We now have our first members cruising around in T5 shoulders.

  Cheers to all!

In all our excitement of killing Magtheridon so fast, we forgot to take a screeny of his head in Thrallmar, so here it is, one week after our first kill. Maggy's head, underneath all these flying mounts :)

Once upon a time, on a boring sunday afternoon, 25 nutjobs desided to give a new boss a try. A good day to learn the tactics. They headed for the cellar of Hellfire Citadel, not knowing what awaited them there, completely unprepared.
After seeing his health going down drasticly after every attempt, they dared to dream.....we can kill him, we can kill him on our first night ever. And so they did, on their 4th try, in the first raid ever, they killed the beast! Magtheridon was no more!



It took us quite some time, alot of wipes and frustrating mistakes...but we finally got him down. :D
Gruul the Dragonkiller finally bowed to Invictus! After a 2% wipe we knew we were gonna have him the next try! The first t4 leggings were divided amongst our members and we happely danced around his huge lifeless corpse.

With the help of a few outsiders, Invictus went for High king Maulgar. And what do you know...we got him down :D took us only a few tries even. /cheer

We had a few tries on Gruul himselve, but the shatter kept killing to many of the raid. But he sure is doable for us, and will go down in the near future!

Aiming the crosshairs towards Blade's edge mountains.
A major increase of members to the guild made it possible for us to aim at...Gruul the Dragonkiller. We'll be having our first attempt at him and High king Maulgar anytime soon now. Check the portal regularly for a kill screenie :D

On our 3rd Zul'Aman run we finally had a good shot at the Bear avatar Nalorakk. After abit of fiddling and ofc some good ol' fashion luck, we downed him. 2 Bosses down, 4 to go!
Zul'jin here we come baby! /cough

Zul'aman proves to be one hell of a challenge for Invictus. After a few unsuccesfull attempts on Nalorakk the bear avatar, we went for the "mass dps" boss Akil'zon.
The trash leading up to his platform was alot harder for us then the Eagle avatar himself.
We just needed one wipe on him to figure out how to bring him down.


After having Karazhan on farm status, we decided to give the avatars of Zul'aman a go. News about the progress of those raids will be posted here ofc.

When we formed, one month ago, we set out to be a casual raiding guild. This guild is made out of people who play on a regular basis, don't have the time to raid to often, and probably  wouldn't get a chance in "big" guilds.

Well not alot of time doesn't mean skill. We just needed 4 Karazhan raids to learn the encounters and clear the place. Also keep in mind that 60% of our raids consists out of people who have never raided before.

Netherspite, our last boss standing in Karazhan, which we unfortuneatly didn't down the week before, finally bowed to Invictus!
Karazhan cleared!!!!!!!!
Big congratz to all.

Only 2 bosses left for us now and we've officially cleared Karazhan. Netherspite proved abit to complicated for us this evening. In our defense, it was quite late and we cleared all of Kara till that point in one go. So it had to be .... Nightbane.
The skeleton dragon hits like a train, and his cleave one shots most people, but we brought him down to his knees at our second attempt.
Only Netherspite left!


After Prince we immediatly went for Illhoof, who knows, we're on a roll, we might down him. And ofc, we downed him in our 1st try! Another first try kill for Invictus :D I lost the count by now.

Wot wooot, Prince Malchezaar dead! Our first try that evening. We had to do alot of infernal dodging but he went down quite smooth and without casualties. The first t4 head token went to Echaz, congratz!

On our way to Shade, we had our usual Karazhan bug. This is the second week in a row that somehow we aggro all the "ghost" mobs in the area. Here are screenies of us getting jumped by 20ish of those ghosts...lol :D

The 3rd time we faced the Opera event, we drew The Crone. After a few tries we got the tactics down and easely downed Dorothee and her friends. Now all 3 Opera event are cleared by Invictus, with little or no trouble.

Another great night for Invictus. We cleared Attumen, Moroes, Maiden, Romulo and Julianne and Curator in one evening!
Here's a screenie of Romulo and Julianne.


On to our free epics, Shade down, Chess event on the horizon. Well they weren't really free, we managed to wipe against the echo of Medivh :p
But after everyone knew how the event really worked, we completed it, and got our lewt chest. 2nd try!


The Shade of Nielas Aran sure yells alot, emotes more then a bunch of woman at a bingo night, but his fighting skills aren't that great. He also went down on our 1st try!

After a few days break we decided to match ourselves against the rest of Karazhan. The Curator proved to be to weak for us, we downed him after our 1st try.
The first Tier 4 in the guild was handed out to Mysticdragon.

Invictus is on a roll, after Attumen, Maiden and Moroes, now the Big Bad Wolf kneeled for Invictus. He never stood a chance!
Big Bad Wolf down, 1st try!

4 Bosses down in one night, Nightbane better put his panties back on because he's gonna get some visitors soon.

We would like to give our special thanks to the people who helped out in our first Karazhan run, filling up the gaps. (Moonwitchie, Caxen, Devilsdad and Sangius.)
No no no, we didn't stop after Maiden. After slaughtering the first 2 bosses in Karazhan, we decided to give Moroes a try. After getting the tactics right, he was a sitting duck.
Moroes down, 2nd try!

After Attumen and handing out the first epics for Invictus, we went straight for Maiden, who didn't pose much of a threat. Down 1st try again!

Rather unprepaired, we journeyed into Karazhan. We faced the first boss, and we met the challenge, and how!
Boom, Attumen the huntsman down, 1st try!

Invictus is a brand new guild, formed in Januari 2008. /cheer

We'll be soon starting our first Karazhan run.
Screenies of our kills and ofc wipe fests will be posted here :D